Recapture the Moment: Planning Camp Okafor 2018

Date: July 1, 2018 Topics: ,

The 2018 Alex Okafor Youth Football Camp was a success! After several months of strategic planning, marketing, graphic, web, my agency threw our second Camp Okafor with our sports partners, Brand Bayless Consulting. This year we hosted nearly 200 aspiring student-athletes, NFL players, family, friends, and community leaders at the brand new "Pfield" Stadium in Pflugerville, TX.

Big Plans for Year 2

I had a very distinct vision about how I wanted to improve the look and feel of the 2018 camp: bolder colors, better imagery, and a more streamlined process for registration. We started planning incredibly early which gave our team an opportunity to develop some really great visual promotional products. At its core, Camp Okafor is fueled by the experience and I really wanted to capture the collective experience and atmosphere of the day. The experience (and the perception of really detailed and organized) is the main selling point for the community and youth-based events.

Of course, using our integrated marketing and PR plan, Camp Okafor was not only visible but active across many promotional channels: social media, email, media, etc. We created a simple yet audience-appropriate promotional video that garnered a great deal of attention and excitement for new participants and parents. And within a few short weeks, we exceeded our initial registration goal -- without any paid advertising!

Game Time, Baby!

I'm not sure if you've realized it, but I LOVE building processes and systems. And because of this, I was really looking forward to streamlining our intake process and visitor/media experience. I made some really important tweaks to our dispatch, distribution, field transition, and rotations that made an incredible difference in how each coach and participant experienced the camp. This year just felt optimized and signature.

What's next?

Want to see more pictures and videos from Camp Okafor? Check out my project gallery.

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