How to Update Your B2B Website and Branding

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Websites are an ever-evolving digital space that reflects society’s current interests. Clashes of font styles, colors, icons, and layouts cluttered 2010’s web homepages, but it constantly undergoes drastic changes throughout the years as design trends impact the way brands communicate their digital identity—going from flashy design to the rise of minimalism, flat elements to interactive features like parallax scrolling effects. 

What was once the most prominent web design craze last year is now a distant memory a few months later, so your website isn’t a marketing tool that you can set up, forget, and expect to leave the same strong impact on your target audience. So if you want to stay on top of your leads and sales, your B2B website needs to keep up with new market trends to stay relevant and continue generating traffic. 

With that in mind, what can you do to update your B2B web design and ensure your digital branding can still resonate with your evolving audience? 

1. Audit Your Website Regularly 

The first step to checking whether you need to update your website is to conduct a simple website audit. While it sounds complex, auditing your website simply means checking whether you need to change design issues or outdated content. Some of the problems you might encounter include the following: 

  • Incorrect information; 
  • Broken links;
  • Format and style issues; 
  • Technical errors like slow page loading times; 

By regularly conducting website audits, you can ensure your website stays up to date visually and content-wise. 

2. Stay on Top of Your Analytics

Even the best-looking website can flop if it doesn’t generate the right results that align with your overall goals. That’s why you need to use analytics tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot to monitor your website’s performance and assess factors such as your click-through rate, lead generation, abnormal bounce rate, and more. 

3. Be Sure Your Keywords are Still Relevant 

The way people search for keywords change through the years, so it makes sense to update your keywords to ensure your products, services, and overall content will still be discoverable by your current audience. 

4. Recycle and Refresh Old Content

Constantly producing new content can be draining in more ways than one, but you don’t have to trash your old articles just to stay “new” in the scene. You can still maximize your blog by updating your old content, which you can do by refreshing outdated information, fixing any errors, or adding new data to add to its value. 

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Updating Your B2B Website

Websites evolved from being a marketing afterthought decades ago with simplistic HTML coding to a fundamental tool in establishing your online presence in today’s digitally-driven landscape. Seeing as websites often go through changes to match the market’s current interests, trends, and needs, it only makes sense to update your website, too, if you want to maintain your relevance. 

Do You Need to Spruce Up Your Website with the Help of a Web Design Company in the USA? 

Staying on top of trends and standing out from a competitive crowd in this hyper-digital world can be challenging, but it’s important to constantly find creative ways to ensure your brand remains relevant and engaging.
The Strategy Channel can help improve your ranking and dominate the search engine with a stronger online presence with our wide range of digital marketing solutions like email marketing, programmatic advertising, SEO marketing, and web design services. Get in touch with us and see what we can do to elevate your marketing efforts.

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