How to Raise Your Rates & Start Earning What You're Worth

Date: September 1, 2017 Topics:

It's the question of the year: How do I raise my prices or earn start earning what I'm worth?

Yay! You finally made it out of the first stages of your business. You endured the endless torture I call the "first fews" of entrepreneurship: first sales, first customer, first chargeback, the first time you saw the signs of the types of people you don't want to work with etc.

You've put in countless hours of hard work and sacrifice to get to this point. But you've earned your stripes and now you want more. Putting in just as many hours while making the same amount as you did when you first started your business, just isn't enough anymore and you're ready to make this business thing truly worth your time. Unfortunately, too many businesses are underselling their talents, services, and products and realize it once it's far too late. Luckily, when it's time to make the upgrade, your energy, finances, and growing responsibilities will make it VERY clear.

So, it's decided. It's time to change your rates. But... how? It's not as easy as just changing your numbers. So many questions come to mind:

  • What if you scare away your current clients/customers?
  • What if they won't be able to afford the increase?
  • What if I lose all of my business?
  • What if people scoff at my new prices?

And then you start questioning yourself, too. Does this sound familiar?:

  • Can I really charge THAT much more?
  • Where am I going to find anyone willing to pay that much?
  • Can I really do this?

Earning what you're worth (or what you want to be worth) is simply about learning how to leverage your value. I'm going to spend the rest of 2017 breaking down the steps to "earning your worth". This same strategy has helped nearly all of the businesses I've worked with create instant value and start earning what they truly deserve.

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