How to Make Your Email Campaigns More Effective

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Thanks to the power of technology, small businesses can expand their reach without moving mountains. Anyone has the power to send their products or offer their services throughout the states and anywhere in the world. Plus, by knowing the right digital marketing campaign fit for your audience and business type, you can design how you can effectively reach out to the right people and communicate what your brand can do.  

The Value of Localization

One widely-used digital tool today is search engine optimization (SEO). With this tool, one can broaden their reach and attract the right people as their next customers. The good use of SEO is localizing it, especially if your business is a highly targeted one. The more defined your target area is, the more effective your marketing campaigns will be.

This article will talk about email marketing and applying the same concept of localization to make it more effective. Email marketing is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to create personalized customer relationships. Through this medium, you can segment your audience and deliver your customized message accordingly. It is a measurable, scalable, and low-cost means of converting and increasing your sales. 

Now, how does email localization help you achieve all these? Here are some of the best practices that you can also adapt to your email marketing to maximize your efforts.

1.Choose Your Colors Accordingly

Sure, you are following your brand color across all your marketing channels. However, there is an exception should you wish your audience to relate more to your business. For one, some cultures around the world see colors differently. 

For example, in some countries, white would mean innocence, while in other cultures, that represents death. Other countries would see red as a passion, while some would think it is offensive. It would be best to know the country you are targeting first, including facts like this. That way, you can adjust your branding accordingly and ensure you still respect their culture. 

2.Include Some Language Nuances to Your Email

One beauty of email marketing is how you can customize your messages, so your recipients will feel how valued they are. These people are smart enough to recognize that they have been reading templated messages, which takes away the message's genuineness and effectiveness. 

Since you are creating personalized messages anyway, why not consider adding some greetings, slang, or expressions using the local language of the audience segment you are targeting? That would make them feel more comfortable, at ease, and maybe more devoted to your business. 

One important note, though. Never rely on an online translation. It would be best to seek the help of translation companies or a professional translator to get the right message across. Sometimes, online translators change the nuances of some messages, which you would not want to risk.

3.Take Note of the Time Differences

If you want people to click on your email in real-time or during their most productive time, then you should keep the time zones in mind. Make sure that your scheduled emails reach your audience during their most convenient time.

4.Keep in Mind Their Email Do’s and Don’ts

Some countries also have regulations when it comes to sending emails. These rules exist to protect their people, stop spam messages, and manage unethical email marketing tactics. Make sure that you also look into these laws to ensure that your email reaches your audience well. 


Email marketing is not all about the content you share with people. The message is a massive chunk of the effort, but you also need to consider many things to make it work for the best. Since you are exerting your resources for this online tool, it would be best to consider localizing your efforts, especially if you are talking to different people from all sides of the world. 

If you need assistance to drive your email marketing services to success, let an email marketing agency help you. The Strategy Channel is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Las Vegas. We offer various online marketing services, including how you can captivate and engage your audience using professional email marketing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.  

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