How to Get More Traffic to Your Website (For Free) Using Images

I’ve got another lil’ secret to share….. Yep, another one (in my DJ Khaled voice) 

One of the most popular questions I get in my Facebook group is “How do I get more traffic to my website?” 

Here’s one that I like to share: Rename the images on your website.

Without getting too technical, we’re doing all of this in the name of SEO. Search engines aren’t only scanning your pages for content, but they are also picking up the "little" details like the names of the pictures on your site.

So when you named that picture of you at your desk “pickDLSR14-2.png”, or “babygirlDESK123.png”………. 

And put it on your website…….. 

Though you didn’t think anyone would see it, Google decided it’s not relevant to the image (and sometimes text) search results for your target keywords. Meaning, you’re missing all of that good, free visibility each and every day.

Sounds like you?

The good news, depending on the number of pictures you have on your website and the platforms you use, there are dozens of resources that you can use that can help you rename (and/or replace) the file names on your website.

The bad news is this doesn’t apply to every website. And if it doesn’t apply to yours, you can rename them on your computer and re-upload them to your website. Yes, it’s tedious but it’s absolutely worth it. 

Tell me what type of website you have in the comments and I’ll share some resources. 

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