How I Saved $10K In My Business By Cutting My Subscriptions Bills in HALF

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Is it just me or does it seem like every day you’re paying for ANOTHER subscription for your business (that you may or may not actually need….. which is a totally different story for another day)? 

At one point, we were paying hundreds of dollars per person, per month, for our team of 6 (at the time). We were spending $1,800 a MONTH on just software subscriptions. And when I saw how much we were spending per year, I was SICKKKKK. The costs were necessary but it was a significant amount for a small business. 

Last year I was determined to reduce as many subscriptions as possible and re-invest the savings into other areas of the business. And that’s exactly what I did! Within 10 months, I’d cut nearly all of our subscriptions in HALF.  

Here are the 2 things that I did that made a HUGE impact: 

1. Saved up and invested in LTDs — LTDs (or Life Time Deals) made the biggest difference. I waited until some of my subscriptions offered LTDs and purchased them. This eliminated easily tens of thousands of dollars in recurring monthly fees. Most of the LTDs I saw came during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

2. I found affordable replacements for my software — New, AMAZING software gets released almost every day. I made a list of software that I thought I could replace and did the research to find new (and oftentimes, BETTER) programs for my business. I saved money here by switching to platforms that are charged by company account rather than per user. 

I also had a secret weapon that helped me out A LOT. Because of it, I found a new HR software, a Help Desk for my customer service team, web conversion tools and so much more.  

Introducing my secret weapon….. AppSumo. 

AppSumo is a site where software developers share their newly released software for consumers to buy and try. Often you can find amazing LTDs for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay with a more popular brand.  

But before you buy from App Sumo there are a few things I recommend you consider:

1. The Software Might Be A Work In Progress: The software is often new and sometimes has a few kinks that the developers are still working out. Software on AppSumo isn’t always perfect. Often this software is beta released but are ready for use and testing by the general public.  From my experience, I’ve found that most of the recommended software is in great condition and only improves as time goes on. Some of my favorite software came an LTD from AppSumo that has more amazing features than the larger brands.

2. You Can Influence Software Functionality: They may not have all of the functionality that you are looking for at that moment. However, the good thing about the software at the stage you see in AppSumo is that the developers are often ready to make significant changes based on what their users request. If you see something that you need that isn’t offered with a popular or more expensive software, you may be able to have it developed as a feature.

2. Always do a trial: Before you buy software from AppSumo, visit the site and register with a personal (or non-regular use business account) to poke around to see if it’s something you can actually use. 

If you haven’t been inspired to browse AppSumo already, click the link below to explore my secret software weapon. 

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