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Thinking about upgrading your existing website (or launching a new one)?

I want to save you a little bit of time (and likely a LOT of frustration). Hear me out…. 

Website projects (whether you do it yourself or hire someone) have a reputation of taking MUCH longer than planned. 

Why? -- I'm glad you asked!

Because of:

  • Endless changes and uncertainty about how each page shoul flow
  • Struggling through pages of text and unplanned copy
  • Figuring out how to use and implement features you love from other websites  
  • Feeling frustrated about getting the pages to connect to the right places
  • And dozens of other things you didn’t plan for that take 3x longer than you thought they would 

After designing, building, and launching hundreds of professional websites, I created an easy-to-follow method of preparing for websites that reduces development time, helps my clients become clear about their vision for their website, and keeps the project organized. This method inspired a solution (that even beginners with zero experience LOVE using) that will help you pre-plan and organize your vision for any of the website/page types below:

  • Business website (that don't need e-commerce/checkout carts/ etc) -- Sorry, e-commerce fam… this one isn’t for you.
  • Portfolio (to showcase pictures of your work)
  • Event website
  • Landing pages
  • Contact and information pages

I designed a unique website planner that walks you through the entire website pre-planning process. Once complete, you’ll have an entire strategy and all of your content mapped out and organized.

If you’re building your site on your own, you’ll have an entire self-made guide that you can essentially copy and paste into your design platform.

And if you’re hiring a designer, they will absolutely LOVE you for basically handing over a completed file with nearly everything they need to get the job done.

Let's skip the overwhelm of creating and launching a new website. Start with a plan, collect your content and organize it for your website with the help of my Launch and Build Website Planner.

And if you want to take your planning process further, check out the website design bundle. This bundle includes 3 instant downloads that were designed to help beginners design and launch a professional website.

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