8 Tried and Tested Tips for Designing High-Quality Websites

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It isn’t easy to design a website. There are various things to consider like speed, budget, usability, and security. As a result, optimization is one of the last things that a website owner considers, which shouldn’t be the case. After all, SEO marketing is one of the most reliable sources of revenue, especially for small businesses.

Web design and search engine optimization are closely linked, even if they are separate specialties. You need to maximize functionality in your design without draining it of creativity. Here are things to keep in mind about your website design’s SEO.

Choose Images Carefully

The pictures you choose for your website can make or break its overall appeal. Images evoke emotion and bring a page to life. Ensure that people have the best impression of your business when they first land on your site.

Don’t choose low-quality and irrelevant images—this turns off visitors and makes your page look and feel cluttered. Visual content should convey a message consistent with your brand, so random images or stock photos won’t cut it.

Maintain Page Loading Speed

Site speed is a significant ranking factor. The longer it takes for your page to load, the lower your site’s visibility on search engine results pages. As a result, you’ll get lower traffic levels. Google provides a Site Speed Checklist to help website owners optimize their pages.

Mind the Principles of Typography

Many websites do not pay attention to their font choice. Pages that stick to basic clear fonts will gain the most readers. When your copy is difficult to read, you risk alienating readers. Use cursive or hand-drawn scripts for logos or headers only. If you use these for the body copy, you might lose readers. Also, choose large and high-contrast fonts that won’t blend into the rest of the page.

Make Your Content Scannable

Visitors scan less than 30 percent of the text during a typical visit. They will be less likely to read information if it’s in a wall of text, so break your paragraphs up into small, digestible chunks. Use subheadings, bold and italicized text, and bullet points as much as possible. Think less is more—the shorter your paragraphs, the more likely people will read through everything.

Prioritize User Experience

Navigation issues can prevent people from staying too long on your site, if at all. If people cannot find the information they need on your page, they’ll likely leave and never return. Ensure that you have a logical path to information, no matter where you are on your website.

Put Your Contact Information on Your Site

Missing contact information also turns readers off. A contact page will help you retain more people and move them down your sales funnel. If you don’t have contact information anywhere on your website, it can make visitors feel like you don’t want them to stay in touch with you.

Have a Clear Call-to-Action

Your CTA or call-to-action is one of the most critical parts of your website. All your pages should have a CTA that compels visitors to act. It does not have to be a purchase or a subscription; you could ask them to sign up for a newsletter, follow your social media pages, or download an eBook. Keep your CTA clear and short—it’ll be more enticing that way.

Optimize Your Page for Mobile

Approximately 54.18 percent of web traffic worldwide passes through mobile devices. Despite this, many websites are still built for desktop browsing, which means mobile users often don’t get the best UX. This is one of the most significant web design mistakes today, especially since Google is moving towards prioritizing user experience in SEO.

It makes sense to do this—if users cannot find the content they want or if it loads slowly, they won’t find the website helpful. Having a mobile-first mindset ensures that you are responsive to the needs of all of your website’s visitors.


Making your website responsive requires striking a balance between optimization and aesthetics. Avoiding these common design mistakes will help you reach and engage the right people online. Hiring a web design company will help you clarify your website’s needs and create a space custom-built for your brand.
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