3 Video Marketing Strategies for a Competitive Edge

Date: September 21, 2021 Topics:

The world of business is a competitive landscape. And it’s important to find ways to stand out from the crowd and beat your competition. One way to cement yourself as the best in the business is through effective video marketing.

Many businesses have been incorporating video marketing into their overall content strategy, and it seems to be effective. However, with more and more businesses catching on to the whole video marketing game, you have to be creative and find new video marketing strategies to help you stand out. Luckily, these four video marketing strategies may just be what you need to get that competitive advantage.

  • Customer Testimonials

While most people find new businesses online, there’s still an underlying reluctance to acquire online products and services. That’s why so many people rely on online reviews and testimonials to gauge whether a business is reliable or not. Having customer testimonials on your website can help potential customers trust you more.

But why not take it up a notch? Anyone can write up a good testimonial and say it’s from a former customer. However, when you provide testimonials in video format, they’ll appear more authentic and genuine to your audience. 

It doesn’t have to be full-blown video production. You can just keep it short at 30 seconds and shoot it at your office. You can even simplify it further by asking happy customers to send in short clips they’ve taken themselves. They can showcase the product you’ve provided or talk about the quality of service you’ve given them. You can even ask customers to share these videos on social media with a hashtag you can monitor.

  • Demo Requests

If you’re in the software business, having a demo request can help convert web traffic into leads. A demo request is essentially a free trial version of the software that allows potential customers to preview the software for a limited amount of time. This is provided to the prospects for free once they hand over their contact information to the company. Sales reps often show potential customers the product features via video conferencing or phone calls. 

The problem with this is that many prospects often do not fill out the form because they don’t really want to talk to someone. So, one way you can get around this problem is to use videos. Instead of demonstrating the product through a typical demo call, you can cut the middleman and just use a short video. You can use one- to two-minute clips of the product in use to encourage customers to fill out the demo request form to learn more about the product.

  • Webinars

If you have hosted webinars before or spoken at conferences, you can use that material to your advantage. These talks are often recorded, so you can obtain a copy of that and repurpose it for your own use. You can edit it into shorter highlight clips that focus on topics relevant to your business.

For example, perhaps you briefly described the story of your company at the beginning of the presentation. This would be a great thing to add to your “About Us” page since it’ll give more character and depth to your story when you relay it personally. This can make you feel more human and relatable to your audience instead of just something more corporate and formal. 

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is an essential part of a content marketing strategy. However, with more and more businesses incorporating video marketing strategies in their campaigns, there is a greater need to stand out from your competitors. To gain that competitive edge, it’s best to try other video marketing strategies, such as customer testimonials, demo requests, and webinars.
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