2019 Holiday Marketing Calendar - Download Now

Date: September 30, 2019 Topics: ,

The holiday season is quickly approaching! Is your business ready for all of the biggest shopping days of the year? Check out this newly released marketing strategy for the final months of 2019.

It's okay, X. I've got you covered.

The holidays are literally right around the corner -- which means if you haven't been planning for the holiday season, it's time to start ASAP. Luckily, I've got something that will help with a nice chunk of your strategy.

I've rebooted my infamous Q4 email marketing strategy calendar for 2019. This calendar includes a day by day strategy calendar to get the most out of your email marketing list for each of the major Q4 holidays. This calendar outlines each email sequence and provides constructive marketing tips to make the most of the campaign.

The calendar works best for product-based (like online stores), B2C (business to consumer, like hair salon, lashes, baking, etc) or consumer-focused businesses. Not sure if this is a good fit for your business? Send us a note and we'll let you know.

Want to breeze your way through your email marketing strategy for the next 3 months? Click here to grab a copy here.

Need more a specialized holiday strategy?

Want to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Schedule a one-on-one consultation or order a custom strategy for your business. We’ll work together to target problem areas and design a balanced strategy that activates new sales opportunities and exposure. Once the session is over, you’ll get a copy of session audio and transcript for future use and reference. Click here to schedule your consultation.

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